The Red Tureen

Book by James Lundy & Kevin Bowen. Music by Kevin Bowen & Martha Davis. Lyrics by Kevin Bowen.




Kilkieran Valley is hungry—but so is Father Padraig Bones. Returning from Galway to his small boyhood farm in Ireland, Padraig reunites with his brother William, but then skirmishes with conniving British soldiers, rebellious Irish farmers, and a fickle crop. Why did his father commit the crime that shattered his family forever?

A play that addresses the question of what happens to a society that uses food as a political weapon.

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Featuring 21 original songs, The Red Tureen was first produced in the 2009 Minnesota Fringe Festival, where it was a Pioneer Press “Must See” and finished 6th in total tickets sold out of 162 plays that year. It was remounted in 2011 at the Howard Conn Theater in Minneapolis as a two-hour production with a fifteen piece orchestra, and featured the following production team:




  • Father Padraig Bones (Bill Marshall)
  • Maeb McCullen (Aly Westberg)
  • William Bones (Chris Deutsch)
  • Cinnie McMonigal (Katia Cardenas)
  • “Old Robert” McCullen (Rich Soule)
  • Fiona Duffy (Francesca Caviglia)
  • Major Trevor Hawkins (Steven Pundt)
  • Sinead McKenzie (Abbey Ortiz)
  • Land Agent Roland Starkey (Clark Donnelly)
  • Rosheen Duffy (Keara Hannan)
  • Publican Lonan McMonigal (Steve McKillen)
  • Lieutenant Browne-Brown & Seamus McBrennen (David Gottfried)
  • Lieutenant Maurice Dobbs & Seth McPhee (Ben Stasny)
  • Lieutenant Cecil Wiggins & Sean Duffy (Morgan Jellison)
  • David Shannon (Carson Brooks), Aidan Duffy (John Lace)


Produced and Directed by Michael Sheeks.

Music Direction by Andrew Kust. Dramaturgy by Jo Holcomb.

Costumes by Rose Lundy.

Stage Management by Hannah Soule.

© 2009, 2011 By Kevin Bowen, James Lundy & Martha Davis. All Rights Reserved.



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